External Sensors

External Sensors Setup

The section describes setup for the following types of sensors:

ReMoni ReCalc

Before integrating the sensors and data with our platform, all necessary configurations with ReMoni’s ReCalc platform should be accomplished. Below are provided some basic steps, but for more thorough instructions and details, please go to https://support.remoni.com/hc/en-us or get in contact with ReMoni support team.

  1. Make sure you have installed ReMoni sensors on all desired and identifiable locations
  2. Create an account within the ReCalc system at https://recalc.remoni.com
  3. Register and connect your Gateways
  4. Define your Units and register the appropriate sensors.

Important: when registering a sensor you need its sensor ID (engraved on the sensor itself) and its channel number(s). This information would later be crucial to integrate the data within our IIoT platform.

  1. Calibrate all sensors that need calibration to the desired Calibration Level

After all steps have been executed correctly, you can confirm this by viewing your data in the ReCalc system at https://recalc.remoni.com.

Disruptive Technologies

During the process of acquiring sensors and gateways from Disruptive Technologies, you, as a customer, should have been provided with an appropriate administrative credential for their online Studio platform. On that platform, there is a list of all your projects and sensors. Sensors can be grouped in multiple projects according to their needs. Sensor data is also available on the platform.

The following are the instructions on how to configure a DT Studio Project to export data to our IIoT Platform.

Figure 1 DT Studio configuration steps

At this stage, you are presented with the list of all sensors and gateways. On the left menu, select “Data connectors” and then click on the “Create new” button as shown in the figure below.

Figure 2 DT Studio data connectors

Next, you are presented with the New Data Connector dialog, where all necessary configurations must be written and saved:

Figure 3 DT Studio new data connector

In the New Data Connector dialog enter the following data:

All other settings are to be left with their default values.

At the end click the “Save New Data Connector” button at the bottom.

From this point on all selected events from this project will be redirected to our IIoT Platform. On the list with all data connectors, there is a status of the data ingestion process.

NeuronSensors (El-Watch)

“Neuron” is the name of the new wireless sensor system provided by the Norwegian company El-Watch. Currently, the company provides integrational interface for both versions of their sensors system. The old one we refer to as “El-Watch (EW)”, and the new – NeuronSensors.


After registration of your sensors and gateways with the El-Watch online system, you have to receive an API key, which will be later required for the integration of data into our platform.


Registration details for the NeuronSensors system are provided online and are as follows:

Now, it is required to configure an instance of the so called Integration. Follow these basic steps:


NCD offers more than 30 types of Industrial IoT Wireless Sensors. These IoT wireless sensors are designed to interface with major cloud services like Microsoft Azure and others. These wireless sensors can be used with Local PC, MAC, Linux, or any embedded computer, they work at very low power and are designed to last for years.

Follow the instructions provided online by NCD to set up your sensors and gateways for data processing. They are briefly quoted below:

Figure 4 NCD required settings


OpenWeatherMap is one of the leading digital weather information providers. Our platform is focused on integrating with the current weather data provided by OpenWeatherMap. It is available for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities! Current weather is frequently updated based on global models and data from more than 40,000 weather stations. Registration details are provided online and briefly quoted below: