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Factory KPIs

Factory OEE (%)
Factory Utilization (%)
Factory Cost Deviation (hours)

Machine KPIs

Availability (A) (%)
Performance (P) (%)
Quality (A) (%)
Overal Equipment Effectivenes (OEE) (%)
Machine Utilization (%)
Machine Downtime (%)

Work Order KPIs

Work order Availability (WOA) (%)
Work order Performance (WOP) (%)
Work order Quality (WOQ) (%)
Work order OEE (WOOEE) (%)
On time delivery (OTD) (days)
Average Time/Item per Item code (time)
Average percentage scrap per Item code (%)
Average production cost per Item code (hours)
Work order - Estimated remaining work (%)
Work order - Actual remaining work (%)
Work order cost deviations (hours)

Parts KPIs

Order part time per item (time)
Percent scrap parts per order part (%)
Part cost deviation (time)
WO Part- Estimated remaining work (%)
WO Part- Actual remaining work (%)
Parts Overplanning (%)