Sign in and Sign out

To log into Upkip Administration users must be created in a Microsoft Entra ID (ME-ID) in an Azure tenant (with a valid Azure subscription) where the system is installed.

Created Azure users are synced with the Upkip platform and are visible in the Upkip Administration user list.

In Upkip Administration, a user can log in with a Microsoft user account if they have the System administrator or Organization administrator role. A user with Manager role only sees the Budget menu.

Navigate to the Upkip Administration login page.

Figure 1: Upkip Administration Login page

Click the Sign in with Microsoft button. Enter your Microsoft account user name and password.

Configured organization are visible on the page. Click the Organization button.

Figure 2: Upkip Administration Home page

The main elements of the page are:

To exit Upkip Administration, click on the top right button.


Upkip Administration can be accessed by users with roles: