Maintenance (Basic)


This section provides information needed to configure the Basic Maintenance flow in Upkip. The flow consists of the following items:

Severity Tags

The basic maintenance requests functionality requires a specific set of tags to be defined for each machine. They are automatically provided for each newly created machine, however they could be manually created as well. Maintenance severity tags define the severity of maintenance requests and their expiration.:

Maintenance requests are managed in groups split based on Severity. Multiple maintenance requests could be submitted for each Severity group. Thus a client could report multiple issues for maintenance which all will be considered active until cleared.

Click here for more details on how to create and manage tags.


Events are meant to provide the basis for maintenance request notifications. Events are defined based on the severity tags. By default the system clears active alarms by the key message "Normal". After the reported problem has been resolved the Client must clear the maintenance by sending the system message "Normal" for the target Severity. This gives the means to manage multiple maintenance requests in parallel based on the severity. To account for this events must check if there is a message in the severity tags which is different than "Normal".

For each severity tag a dedicated event should be created (Figure 1):

#Event for Low severity:
(len(lastValue(DisplayNameToTag('Maintenance Request Low')))>0)&(lastValue(DisplayNameToTag('Maintenance Request Low'))!='Normal')

#Event for Medium severity:
(len(lastValue(DisplayNameToTag('Maintenance Request Medium')))>0)&(lastValue(DisplayNameToTag('Maintenance Request Medium'))!='Normal')

#Event for High severity:
(len(lastValue(DisplayNameToTag('Maintenance Request High')))>0)&(lastValue(DisplayNameToTag('Maintenance Request High'))!='Normal')

Figure 1: ExamplŠµ of a maintenance requets event

Click here for more details on how to create and manage events.


Based on the needs maintenance requests notifications could be created on top of the already created events (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Example notification for maintenance requests

Click here for more details on how to create and manage notifications.