Demo View

For the Upkip environments is possible to create a Demo User which:


The Demo user can log to the Upkip Visualization and has the following limitations:

The dynamic masking has been done on the following data in the Upkip Visualization:

Click on the Main menu/Factory Layout button.

Figure 1: Factory layout - limited set of company assets

When mouse over some company asset:

Figure 2: Factory layout - orders for machine - hidden part names

Select Main menu/Operator/Responsive desktop/Machines

Figure 3: Summary dashboard - machine details - hidden part names

From machines summary dashboard select some machine.

Figure 4: Machine details - customer name is hidden

Select Main menu/Supervisor/Order OEE

Figure 5: Order OEE - hidden customer, part name, drawing numbers

Select Main menu/Team Leader/Maintenance

Figure 6: Maintenance - hidden order descriptions and user names

Select Main menu/Supervisor/Facility

Figure 7: Facility - some facility names are renamed