Factory layout


To open тhe Factory Layout dashboard select:

Purpose: Factory Layout presents a 3D picture of the factory buildings and machines on each floor.

From the Factory Layout dashboard, users can see:

  • The real location of the machines in the buildings in 3D reality.
  • By hovering over the machine you can see the machine OEE percentage.
  • On mouse over the machine you can see the machine work order and parts, parts progress.
  • Shown above the machine with alarms in the selected time period rotating icon with an exclamation mark.
  • Above the machine with maintenance and option Shutdown Required during the selected time period is displayed a rotating wrench.
  • Can filter machines by departments or teams and watch only machines for the selected department.

Figure 1: Factory Layout dashboard

The Factory layout is configured in Upkip Administration module. To Factory layout configuration

Machine Details

Machine OEE

On mouse over the machine on the left shows the machine's OEE (%) and related percentages of Availability, Performance, and Quality for the selected time period. For details on machine OEE Go To Machine OEE dashboard

Figure 2: Factory Layout dashboard - Machine OEE

Machine work orders

Hovering over the machine displays a table with machine orders information for the selected time period. The information in the table is:

Figure 3: Factory Layout dashboard - Machine work orders

Machine maintenance order

Hovering over the machine under maintenance will display the table with machine maintenance orders for the selected time period.

Figure 4: Factory Layout dashboard - Maintenance order

The machine maintenance order line displays the information: Shutdown Required, Work order number from the MMS, Short description, Description, Planned start, and end date.

A spinning wrench icon is displayed above machines with a maintenance order in the currently selected time period. The base of the machines under scheduled maintenance is colored orange.

Clicking on the machine

Clicking on the machine (if supported by the Upkip platform) opens a new page Machine detailed dashboard.

Active machine

Active machines in the Factory Layout are colored green.

Stopped machine

Stopped machines in the Factory Layout are colored red.

Machines with Alarms

Рotating exclamation marks are displayed above active machines with alarms.

Rooms Parameters

Factory Layout Offices

Figure 6: Factory Layout dashboard - Office temperature

On mouse over the offices, the temperature in the office is displayed at the upper left.

Clicking on the office icon opens the Facility dashboard.

Factory Layout Central Coolant

On mouse over the central coolant, the temperatures for pumps and ambient temperature are displayed at the upper left.

Figure 7: Factory Layout dashboard - pumps and ambient temperatures

Clicking the Central Coolant in the Factory Layout opens a new page Facility Dashboard -Central Coolant

Factory Layout Inspection

On mouse over the Inspection is shown at the upper left gauge with ambient temperature.

Clicking on the Inspection icon in the Factory Layout opens a new page Facility Dashboard -Inspection

Filtering Factory Layout by departments or team

It is possible to filter by department. When placing the mouse cursor over the right icon (rake wheel), a list of departments is displayed.On mouse over at the right icon (rack-wheel), is shown department list. If you select a department of the list, only machines from that department are diplayed on the layout.

Figure 8: Factory Layout dashboard - Filtering by department or team